How to play a video

You've signed-up and now you want to get to the good part - watching a video course. 

If you are watching on an iphone or ipad, the best way to enjoy The Rugby Site is via our App. It's completely free and once you've created an account online you can sync it with your app. Download the app here

If you're watching from your desktop or laptop computer you'll need to head to the video library

Select the video video that you would like to watch. If you need help navigating the video library, click here

Once you're on the video page of the course that you would like to watch, just hit play (bottom left hand corner) and you're away.

Clicking on this symbol will enlarge the video to play in full screen:

You can adjust the volume of the video by clicking on this button and sliding the scale accordingly:

You can skip to any part of the video by clicking on the progress bar at the bottom of the video panel:

Alternatively, you can use the time-stamp thumbnails at the bottom of many of the video courses to skip to sections of the video. These chapter thumbnails correspond to the key points identified by the coach in the companion PDF.

How do I download a companion PDF?

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