How to download a companion PDF

Each of the video courses that are delivered by a coach on The Rugby Site are accompanied by a PDF. This is a document which includes notes and key points from the coach that delivered the course. The  PDFs  include screenshots with the relevant time in the video as well as a space for you to make your notes so that you can remind yourself of your own key points during your session.

Take a look at this example PDF from Graham Henry's 'Tackling & Tracking' course. Click here to view the full PDF

You can download a PDF for any video where you see the 'download' button under extras on the right of the video page:

Hit download and you'll see a pop-up box. Select 'Open with' and choose 'Adobe reader' from the drop-down menu. This will launch your PDF.

Once you have opened your PDF you can save it to your computer or print it in order to make your notes.

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