How to share videos with players

Annual subscribers have the ability to share videos with their players, each of these videos can be shared to one other person. 

This functionality is great for sharing content with your players or team mates e.g. send Bismarck du Plessis' 'Lineout Throw' to your hooker to watch before a training session. You could also use these  video shares as a reward for improvement or performance in training or a game. 

Here's how to share your videos:

Go into the ' My Account' section of the site and choose 'My Team' from the menu on the right of the page.

There re two ways to add players to your Team:

1) Copy and paste the link provided into an e-mail and send to your players

2) Click ' Add Team Member' to add in your players name, e-mail address and position. 

Once you have added your team's details and they have signed up you are ready to share videos.

Go to the  Video Library and you will see a 'Share with Player' button on the bottom right of every video.

Click 'Share with Player' and select the player you want to send to. You can also add in a personal message to the player in here. You will also see here the number of video shares you have remaining. 

The selected player will then receive an e-mail with a link to the video you have shared. 

You can check the number of video shares you have left  by clicking on " Share Courses". In the example below 3 videos have been sent to players, so the user has 19 shares remaining. 

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